Caring for members

In addition to having a clear mission, vision and values, a functional group must also have the following functions in relationship to its members:

· a system of education and training for existing members;

· a system of ongoing support for existing members and groups;

· ongoing education, training and coaching to help members identify their talents, clarify their goals, and to fulfil their individual mission and potential, and to contribute to the group according to their talent;

· education, training and coaching to facilitate teamwork and the development of leadership skills;

· an effective system for helping members to define and clarify their own values, and live according to them;

· support to help members to understand the mission, vision and values of the group in the context of the Divine Design, universal values and religious principles;

· ongoing system of education, training and mentorship  to help sanga members make, maintain and develop their relationship with the Divine.

It is worth making the point again that the group itself acts as an entity in relationship with the Divine through prayer, meditation and divine guidance.

Practical tasks

What are the most important next steps that you can take to strengthen yourself in these areas?

How will you implement them and when?