The process of Cultural Development

  1. Contacting the Realities
  2. Start with the leading team
  3. Educational audit
  4. Leadership audit
  5. Audit of provision
  6. Audit of technical work
  7. Starting the process

What do we mean by cultural development?

I have given a brief introduction to the idea of cultural development. Of course, the question arises, «What is the actual process? In principle, it is easy enough to train individuals in personal and inter-personal skills, but how do you change a group or an organisation?

Just as the program «Leaders of Leaders» is radical and simple, so the process of cultural development is also radical and simple. First of all, let us define again what we mean by «culture» and «cultural development».

«Culture» means the conscious, intentional provision of the four essential processes, namely education, government, provision and work. A positive, authentic culture is one in which the organisation intentionally carries out these four essential processes to facilitate the Divine Plan for material and spiritual process. Cultural development is the intentional process of bringing the culture more in line with the Divine Plan. In other words, cultural development means improving these four essential process to create or revive a positive culture, and maintain it.