Educational audit

We start with education, because this is the fundamental process that facilitates the other processes, and without which the other processes cannot be effective. The ideal for education is to educate and train our members (a) to become healthy, expert individuals in their own right; (b) to become effective members of our organisation, of society, and of the world of; (c) to be effective in their relationship with the Divine Personality. At the same time, we respect their personal boundaries and beliefs. That means that we share educational opportunities with them, respecting their degree of willingness to be part of this educational process. Where it is appropriate, we also share this process of education with clients and stakeholders.

The educational audit is carried out by the leading team and directors, together with the trainers in the organisation who interact directly with its members. Together, they consider the following questions.

1. What are our specific, ideal criteria for the educational process in our organisation?

2. To what extent does our organisation already practice this ideal process of education?

3. What specific steps are necessary to bring our organisation closer to expressing and supporting this ideal for education?

4. What specific process can we use to ensure that our organisation continually comes closer to supporting this ideal for provision?

Together they then make a systematic program for renewing and/or redesigning education in the organisation.