Start with the leading team

The leading team considers the proposition

Now we start the simple, but radical process. To make any positive change in a group or organisation, the leading team has to agree to act as instruments to help fulfil the Divine Plan. It is necessary to carry out a spiritual audit. The directing team share with each other what the benefits will be of cooperating to help fulfil the Divine Plan, and what are the difficulties and obstacles. There will of course be external difficulties in the form of practical and financial issues, as well as doubts, conservatism and outright opposition in the organisation. There will also be internal difficulties in the form of doubts, conservatism and outright opposition in the leading team itself.

The leading team deeply consider the following questions amongst themselves:

1. To what extent do we as a team agree to act as instruments to fulfil the Divine Plan?

2. To what extent do we as a team agree to lead our organisation so that it acts as an instrument to fulfil the Divine Plan by its example, and by its contribution?

3. Do we have enough agreement and commitment to move forward?

If there is sufficient agreement and commitment, the members of the leading team agree to cooperate to create a positive culture that supports the ideals for education; for government and protecting values; for provision of resources; and for work.

The leading team then explains to their directors, managers and workers what they are doing, and why, and how this will benefit the members of the organisation, the organisation as a whole, and their clients and stakeholders. Next, they then carry out a systematic audit to see to what extent their organisation is in harmony with the Divine Plan, and what steps are necessary to bring it closer. They do this by examining the way that the organisation carries out the four processes: education; government and protecting values; provision of resources; and work.

Ideally, the organisation will have a group of trainers who already understand the program «Leaders of Leaders» and its benefits to everyone, and who actually live the program. They can facilitate the whole audit process. Otherwise, the organisation brings in a team of trainers who can carry out this function, and educate local trainers to do this themselves.